Hyde Park Pedestrian District

Hyde Park Pedestrian DistrictThe proposed Hyde Park Pedestrian District project is an outgrowth of former Mayor Richard Riordan’s Targeted Neighborhood Initiatives Program (TNI). The TNI program involved the designation of 12 community areas for community-based revitalization. Each TNI project area was managed by a collaboration of an Interdepartmental Team of City Agencies and local community stakeholders. However, the scope of work for most of the TNI projects involved small grants to local residents for minor home repairs, commercial facade improvement, and or a streetscape program.

Encouraged by a trip to the Dudley Street Initiative in the Roxbury community of Boston, the Crenshaw TNI stakeholders concluded that they wanted something more than just a facade improvement program. Deciding to keep their group in place, the stakeholders asked the community planner assigned to the project to assist them in devising a more comprehensive development plan. The Targeted Neighborhood Initiative name gave way to the Hyde Park Initiative, to reflect that the program was being driven primarily by a community of stakeholders within the Hyde Park area.

From the late 1990s to 2006, HOPE led an extensive community discussion, with the assistance of professional planning, economic development and legal advisers, to produce a long-term vision for the Hyde Park community by advancing the understanding of stakeholders of the importance of land use and economic development tools to our quality of life and strength of our business corridor. This exhaustive process has featured numerous charettes, community meetings, and site-visits to recently revitalized business districts and healthy neighborhoods. We had the assistance of economic analysis from UCLA's Anderson School of Business, and professional architects from the University of Southern California.

The following presentation, produced in 2006, provides a brief overview of our vision, targeted strategy and findings: