Crenshaw Corridor Specific Plan

As HOPE began the process of identifying the elements necessary to transform Hyde Park into a community of choice with a higher quality of life, one of the planning tools we identified as instrumental to our revitalization was a specific plan. Specific plans provide an important link to the policy goals articulated in the City of Los Angeles' General Plan and the land use and development desires of a defined geographic area. Backed by the force of planning/land use law, specific plans provide design guidance for all new development. Accordingly, almost every significant major revitalization effort in Southern California in the recent past has used specific plans.

Unfortunately, the idea of a Crenshaw Corridor Specific Plan was not welcomed by the City of Los Angeles Planning Department. In response, HOPE led a broad community collaboration of residents, merchants, property owners, the local chamber of commerce and others, known as the Crenshaw Corridor Coalition to push for the Specific Plan’s adoption and necessary amendments to add “some teeth” to the plan. Through our relentless lobbying for well over 5 years, and the sympathetic ear of politicians, specifically Councilmember Ed Reyes, who chaired the Planning, Land Use and Management Committee of the Los Angeles City Council, the Crenshaw Corridor Specific Plan was adopted by the City Council in November of 2003 to the applause of the community, local media and politicians (who eventually came on board).

When adopting the Specific Plan, Councilmember Reyes echoed the community speakers who all questioned why our Crenshaw community should be denied the same planning tools important to ensuring future development conforms to our long-term vision that is afforded so many other communities in the city. As of 2015, the Crenshaw Specific Plan remains as one of only two specific plans in South Los Angeles, the other is in the USC area. Comparatively, the lone community of Westwood has four.

As the Crenshaw community prepares for the addition of a new MTA light rail line to connect us from the Expo Line to the Green Line via Inglewood and LAX, the Crenshaw Corridor Specific Plan will be important tool to ensuring that the new development interest in the corridor conforms to the community’s desires and long-term vision. Crenshaw Corridor Specific Plan amendments are being discussed now. HOPE is dedicated to ensuring that Crenshaw stakeholders remain active in important decisions about the future of our community.

For a brief review of the Crenshaw Corridor Specific Plan’s important elements, allowed and prohibited uses, geographical boundaries, legal authority and established design process for new projects, please view our powerpoint presentation below. Below the presentation we have included the actual text of the specific plan.