Hyde Park Community Revitalization Summit

Hyde Park Summit FlyerSATURDAY MAY 2, 2015 FROM 9 AM - 3 PM 
Crenshaw High School Main Library
5010 11th Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90043
Event is Free
Breakfast & Lunch will be served
Download Flyer (7MB)


A community is defined by its location, economic viability and the residents that make up that area. As with most, Hyde Park is a community made up of a variety of residents and business owners, many of whom hold different opinions about the community and its growth for the future.

In an effort to balance these varying needs and in line with our mission, on Saturday, May 2, 2015, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., HOPE is hosting The Hyde Park Community Revitalization Summit ("Hyde Park Summit") in an effort to help mobilize its residents, businesses and community stakeholders with the goal of collectively creating a Comprehensive Planning Document that will act as a Community Planning Guide for revitalizing the physical and socio-economic development conditions of the Hyde Park community.

The Hyde Park Summit is a one-day conference with the overall goal of meeting the economic needs of the Hyde Park residents and stakeholders, while also maintaining those social, cultural, historical, and environmental characteristics that are valued by the community.

To help address these needs The Hyde Park Summit is divided into Three (3) Core Community Planning Areas:

  1. Strengthening Stakeholder Investment and Collaboration;
  2. Developing a Broad-based Economic Development Plan; and the
  3. Incorporation of Land Use and Transit-Oriented Development


The desired Summit outcomes are:

  1. To generate a Comprehensive Planning Document that defines the Hyde Park Initiative and guides the community development work; as well as incorporates ways in which Hyde Park can better connect and interface with the adjacent communities.
  2. To create four (4) "Community Action Teams" consisting primarily of local Hyde Park stakeholders who will work on the implementation of the Community Development Initiatives produced from the Summit in the areas of: economic development, education, land use and community ecology, and resident and civic engagement


The success of any Community Planning Process hinges on its ability to bring together diverse interests in resource use and identify common ground for sustainable economic development. 

At HOPE, we recognized that one of the most underutilized economic development resources centered around the voice and needs of the next generation; and that there needs to exist a better way to recognize the benefits and opportunities presented through youth involvement in the community development process. 

As a result, for The Hyde Park Summit, HOPE has partnered with Crenshaw High School's Busines Entrepreneurship & Technology Magnet ("BET Magnet") to help illustrate that active collaboration between youths and adults is vital to the long-term success of any development effort.

In addition, we also recognized that engaging the Crenshaw students and local Hyde Park youth residents will not only teach them how communities organize for economic development change; but also research has shown that active youth engagement and exposure to community collaboration leads to their overall skill enhancement, self-confidence, personal accountability, and ownership; which are critical characteristics needed to help prepare them as they navigate through adulthood.

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